Electronic Drug Price Monitoring System

The Electronic Drug Price Monitoring System (EDPMS) is a tool of the DOH to gather market information including price and inventory of essential medicines from drug outlets and drug establishments. The collected information are among the resources used in the development of various policies of the Department such as the Maximum Retail Price (MRP) and Suggested Retail Price (SRP). It also serves as a guide for both the government and consumers in purchasing medicines.

Frequently asked questions

EDPMS is a web-based tool used by the DOH to collect market information of essential medicines from drug establishments and drug outlets nationwide.
The EDPMS collects list price and retail price from drug establishments and drug outlets, respectively. Furthermore, it also collects inventory data from these facilities.

All drug establishments and drug outlets that carry essential medicines shall upload their price data thru the EDPMS on a quarterly basis. Small drugstores, on the other hand, are only required to upload annually.

All essential medicines are listed in the Philippine National Formulary (PNF) which can be downloaded from pharmadiv.doh.gov.ph.

All drug establishments and drug outlets shall follow a fixed schedule of uploading and data period to be submitted:


Uploading Schedule

Data Period

1st Quarter – January

31st day of December (previous year)

2nd Quarter – April

31st day of March (current year)

3rd Quarter – July

30th day of June (current year)

4th Quarter – October

30th day of September (current year)


    On the other hand, the uploading of small drugstores shall be based on their geographical cluster:


Geographical Cluster

Uploading Schedule

Metro Manila

1st Quarter – January


2nd Quarter – April


3rd Quarter – July


4th Quarter – October

Drug establishments and drug outlets that are not able to upload during the prescribed schedule will be considered as non-compliant and will be endorsed to the FDA for sanctions/penalties.

Administrative fines range from Php 10,000.00 to Php 1,000,000.00 depending on the frequency, gravity, and extent of the violation. Non-administrative sanctions include written warning, suspension of Certificate of Product Registration and revocation of License to Operate (LTO) issued by the Food and Drug Administration.

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