Philippine Essential Medical Device List

The Philippine Essential Medical Device List (PEMDL) is a compilation of essential medical devices considered as important or necessary for the preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, or rehabilitative procedures carried out in government health facilities in accordance with Administrative Order No. 2021-0038 “Framework for Philippine Essential Medical Devices List and Price Reference Index”.

The PEMDL is continuously updated and maintained by the DOH-Pharmaceutical Division in collaboration with the Expert Advisory Committee, Health Technology Assessment Division and its Council. The PEMDL sets the guide for the corresponding price reference index for procurement to reduce the variations in the prices of medical devices in the public sector.

The initial version of the PEMDL contains medical supplies, consumables, and routinely procured items by DOH. The list for medical equipment shall be published in future iterations of the PEMDL.

Frequently asked questions

  • The PEMDL shall be used by the DOH Hospitals* and their practitioners under the DOH, its offices/units, retained and corporate hospitals, treatment and rehabilitation centers, Centers for Health Development (CHD), and the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) as a guide for the procurement of essential medical devices along with the price reference index.
*DOH hospitals – includes all hospitals operating as government owned and controlled corporations (GOCC), DOH special and specialty hospitals, medical centers, regional hospitals, research hospitals, district hospitals, extension hospitals, and sanitaria that are under the management and administration of DOH
  • The PEMDL is categorized based on the Philippine FDA Circular 2021-017 titled “Reference List of Class A Medical Devices and US FDA Device Classification Panels.” A glossary is also provided at the end of the document.

  • The PEMDL is a downloadable spreadsheet file. Different medical device categories are found at the Table of Contents in the first sheet along with the Clarificatory Note which explains the content of the PEMDL. Each listed medical device category is linked to a separate sheet containing all medical devices that fall under that classification. A medical device can appear in various categories. There is a navigation link provided in each sheet to conveniently go back to the Table of Contents.

  • In searching for the medical device within the sheet, the search or filter function may be used. Some of the medical devices listed can have more specific variations/types (e.g., Blood Lancet can be pull-top, twist-off, etc.). The listing of the medical device is inclusive of all these variations, as long as these products are FDA-regulated.

  • As a developing list, the PEMDL shall include medical devices with descriptors and minimum technical specifications in future versions.

  • The End Users of the PEMDL (health care facilities and their practitioners under the DOH, its offices/units, retained an corporate hospitals, treatment and rehabilitation centers, Centers for Health Development, and the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao) may propose medical devices for inclusion in the PEMDL in accordance with the current process of Health Technology Assessment instituted under the Universal Health Care law.
  • After the 3 year transitionary period, call for applications to End Users will be operationalized through the HTA General Track.
  • During the transitionary period from 2022 to 2025, procurement of the medical devices that are not included in the list shall be allowed until such time that the full PEMDL has been developed by the DOH provided that pertinent regulations of the FDA and government procurement laws and regulations are being followed. 
  • The target frequency is a quarterly update for the PEMDL. Comments or inputs from the previous quarter will be reviewed and shall be included when deemed approved in the next quarter publication.
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